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Young Trackers

Four outlaws followed big Jake Ivey home after he sold a small cattle herd. Matt Crammer and his three men was a mean rotten bunch, but didn’t know what they were getting themselves into when they followed Jake home, then robbed and shot him.

Seventeen-year-old little Jake takes up their trail. He’s to find where they hole up then ride back home and see if his pa is fit to ride. They’d go together and get their money.

Little Jake was gone longer than he ought’a been, so his little sister Rebecca sneaked off one night and went looking. When she runs into U S Marshal Shorty Thompson over in Tucson, Arizona she tells him she is going on seventeen, but really she’ll be fourteen in less than a month. In the mountains of Mexico Shorty said she was very pretty standing naked in front of him, while an old Indian smiled at her youth.

They followed Crammer down to Hermosillo, Mexico where he ties in with an old friend. With this gang of Mexican Banditos, they head for Gila Bend, Arizona and rob a train of just over two hundred thousand dollars. Marshal Shorty, little Jake and Rebecca stay close on their trail.

Little Jake killed two of Crammers men and got big Jake’s money back and several thousand dollars to boot. He kept up the pressure as Crammer cussed, wiped out tracks and did everything he could think of to lose these young trackers.

Chasing and following them back to New Mexico, it all comes to a quick end, right in the doorway of Jake Ivey’s ranch house.


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