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The Wrong Man Again

Two years past and Shorty thought the trouble around Loma Parda and Fort Union, New Mexico Territory was over. He was dead wrong and found the same man, little Buck Kilgore was again charged with murder. Last time he was supposed to have killed a beautiful little green eyed nun, now the Loma Parda mayor was shot dead right in front of Shorty.

A couple nights before the killing, Shorty had spent the night at the Circle K Ranch and knew the murderer was not little Buck, but eyewitnesses said he was the one that did the shooting. Now Shorty had to go about proving they are wrong and bring in the right killer.

Two years ago a crooked judge and make believe priest got together trying to steal ranches so they could sell the land to the new railroad. Well the railroad came through, now someone is trying to steal those same ranches to raise and ship their own cattle to the Chicago meat market.

Pinning the murder on the wrong man, who just happened to be a friend of U S Marshal Shorty Thompson was a big mistake. Shorty would see the wrong man did not hang for a crime he didn’t commit. Now to find some fellow riding around the country with a Sharps fifty-caliber rifle and scope shoved into a scabbard on his saddle.


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