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As young families grew, it became harder and harder to feed everyone from what could be grown on forty acres. When a man offered to let several families join his wagon train to the territories, they were ready to improve their lives by going west. Ten young families sign up and head out from Independence, Missouri for the New Mexico Territory.

Twenty-five year old Lars Olsen was knifed in the back for uncovering a load of rifles hidden among farm equipment. That left a young wife and seven children to go on alone. Ora May Olsen grieved, but knew she had babies to raise. Friends and neighbors will surely help them survive.

As they got to Medicine Lodge Creek in southwestern Kansas, a small band of renegade Indians attacked, killing four men and one woman. As bad as this was, they could not turn back. They had nothing to return to in Missouri. They must keep moving forward.

The Spanish people in and around Wagon Mound New Mexico talked them into homesteading right close. Here was plenty of land with water to grow any need. The spoiled son of a rich rancher thought different. He might one day want to graze cattle where these squatters decided to set down roots.

Larry Jensen hired gunmen to burn them out, kill their livestock and run them off. The first raid was on Ora May’s farm. There they killed three of her children and their grandmother. Now was the time for Ora May to get good with her dead husband’s forty-five.

U S Marshal Shorty Thompson and the cavalry would help round up these killers. After three more raids on the farms, Ora May takes up the trail of Larry Jensen. Weeks later, she is kidnapped and tells her story to the outlaw leader. He turns his gun on Larry and shoots him right between the eyes. It seems as even outlaws live by a code, never harm or kill a woman or child. Larry Jensen will harm no one ever again.

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