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Willow Lane

Land stealers and cattle rustlers get overly greedy when they take over a small Spanish village and use the town people as slaves in their own silver and gold mines.  Greed for another family’s ranch leads to murder, as Manco Dillon thinks he is above the law.  He has plenty of outlaws with him to take over any piece of property in the New Mexico Territory.  But Dillon’s downfall begins with two small children, who just happen to run into U. S. Marshal, Shorty Thompson. 

A young lady by the name of Willow Lane comes back home from school in the east and finds her father and brothers missing.  The Dillon gang has taken over the Lane ranch.  With Shorty’s help, all hell is about to break loose. Men are about to die.

A flash flood in Mogollon darn near puts an end to Shorty’s life, when he gets knocked into the swollen waters of the Main Street drainage ditch and is washed a mile or so downstream.  This is one bruised, water logged little U. S. Marshal.

Dillon was now trying to expand his operations.  Stealing gold mines around Mogollon will add to his power.  Well, at least he’s trying to.  He needs more men to work his jumped claims.  Shanghaiing men from Mogollon saloons supply all the cheap labor he needs to succeed.


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