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When Preaching is Hell

When R.B. Handlin’s father passed away, R.B. was twenty-three years old and in his third year of the finest Seminary School in Boston. Notifying his older brother of their father’s death would be nigh on to impossible, as Alexander was out west in the Arizona Territory and had not been heard from in years.

R.B. went on with his life, alone. Months later, a letter arrived from Arizona, telling him to come west. Murder was the cause of the death of his brother, Alexander Handlin. It happened in Prescott, Arizona Territory.

R.B. is now a rancher with a huge amount of money in the bank, and more at the Wells Fargo Office. The small church, which also served as the schoolhouse, burned to the ground. A rich banker and rancher’s men did it; he is after R.B.’s land and water. R.B. hired men and rebuilt the church, but a short time later, two deputies, which were guarding him lay shot to death in his barn. The only two witnesses told the jury R.B. had gunned them down for no cause. Yes, shot them both in the back.

Most men would hang for such a crime, but the banker put the squeeze on the judge’s hand while it was full of cash, and had R.B. sentenced to life in prison instead. If dead, another relative might show up and claim the ranch, as R.B. had done at the death of his brother. With R.B. in prison, the land was abandon, so banker Hampton took it over. Water was not what Hampton after, as everyone was thinking. It was all that gold, Alex Handlin had found before being cowardly shot in the back.

With the help of two U S Marshals, R.B. is now out of prison, looking to put the revenge of God on the men responsible for the death of his brother and he wrongfully sent to prison.

With the help of U S Marshal Shorty Thompson, and ageing gunfighter William (Bill) Hartley, and the pretty, young schoolteacher, Miss Kitty Sasser, preaching will be hellfire and brimstone in the small town of Prescott, Arizona Territory, in the year of 1884.


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