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In the small mining town of Chloride, New Mexico Territory, four young men rob the bank and shoot the teller. As they ride down the street leaving town, a teen age boy and girl see their faces. Several shots were fired their way, the girl went down.

David Graham knew he had to get a gun to protect himself and others. He wasn’t worth a crap with a pistol, but with a rifle he was among the best in the country. A rifle couldn’t be carried in his hands all the time. What he needed was a new gun. Yes, a new kind of gun.

Leo Patterson, a close friend owned and ran the livery and blacksmith shop. An idea came to him, so he asked if David would leave his rifle with him for awhile.

When Leo was through, a new gun was built. Outlaws and gun manufactures wanted that rifle and the holster that held it to David’s right leg. Outlaws knew they would be unbeatable. Gun manufactures knew they could make millions with this new gun. It would be the best rifle/pistol to come out since the repeater.

Leo’s father, owner of the Patterson Firearms Company sent two men all the way from Patterson, New Jersey to get that rifle, no matter the cost. Leo’s father turned out to be just as greedy as Leo remembered and knew he was.


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