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Being the youngest and by far the smallest brother to the famous gunfighter Ben Thompson, M D had been called Shorty since he was ten years old.  That didn't bother him at all, but being called 'little man', made him mad enough to take a quick leak on a rabid skunk.

Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th. President of the United States needed a U S Marshal in the New Mexico Territory.  When Shorty showed up in Washington D C, asking for help with some cattle rustlers, President Hayes knew he had his man.

Wet and near frozen to the bone, James (Buffalo) Blackburn and all of his gold is saved by Shorty Thompson.  Buffalo is grateful and gave Shorty a full partnership in a whole gob of gold.  A mountain full and what he had packed on two mules he'd left tied to a stump about six miles back.  All they had to do now was go back and get it.

While Buffalo goes to New Mexico and buys a ranch, Shorty finishes off the outlaws in Wyoming.  Not only is Shorty now a U S Marshal, he's also one of the richest ranchers in the New Mexico Territory.



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