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When greed takes over a wealthy rancher’s heart, his only thoughts are getting more land and cattle for his only son. Before his wife died, he was a well respected rancher raising cattle and very expensive horses. Getting on up in years, he wanted to leave his wealth to his son.

He sent the son and riders to kill two families which would give him another twenty thousand acres and all the winter feed he would ever need. As a young girl’s mother and father are killed, she turns to her ten year old cousin. “Billy, please don’t leave me.”

As time passes, the wealthy rancher and son are on the run for the murders of the two families, a sheriff and his two deputies. U S Marshal Shorty Thompson chases them from Colorado to Kansas and south through the Oklahoma Indian Nations and on into Texas. Cutting back toward Colorado and home, outlaw robbers shoot and kill the son. Lying in the Texas dirt dying, the last words the father heard his son say is, “Please don’t leave me. I do not want to die alone out here in the middle of nowhere.”



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