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Milo Tillie was a hard working young man, who always loved the outdoors. At an early age he became very adapt with both pistols and rifles. He was born and raised on the west bank of the Missouri River, just a few miles north of Kansas City, Kansas.

By the young age of twelve years he was working on his father’s river boats, taking supplies to Fort Leavenworth and well beyond. His father was a stern man who believed in a man working hard and standing on his own two feet. He also knew Milo had a dream of one day going west, and knew this dream was not just a passing whim.

At the age of seventeen, Milo was seeing pretty Miss Molly Dunkirk, the banker’s daughter. It was love at first sight for both; Molly knew she would one day marry this hard working young man.

One year later, Mister and Mrs. Dunkirk boarded the Missouri Queen riverboat, on their way to Leavenworth. Mister Dunkirk was looking for a location to open another bank. Their three children, nine year old James, six year old Susie, and seventeen year old Molly, were in school and did not make this trip.

Mister Tillie was at the stern and in the mid-stream channel, when the boat hit a large submerged, unseen object. Within minutes the boat was sinking, taking most aboard with it. Only eight men, five women and eleven children were saved. The men, being strong swimmers, took a child or woman ashore, then swim back looking for anyone else they could help. Milo stayed in the water the longest. His father and the Dunkirks were among the many missing. When help finally arrived, it was too late.

Years later, Milo followed his dream and went west where he started ranching. There his wife’s greedy uncle, Dan Evans, and a gang of hired guns rustled Circle Bar M cattle. The local sheriff sent for U. S. Marshal, Shorty Thompson. Milo and his cowboys would need Shorty’s help with these tough, hardened gunfighters, or he could lose everything he worked for and was building.

Dan Evans was livid he had missed out on stealing the Dunkirk Estate. With help from his crooked cousin, Calvin Warflield, he swore to ruin Milo and his whole family, and get the estate after all. 



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