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Raymond and Harmon Liles stop a gang of outlaws from hanging a black preacher and his Indian lady friend. The outlaws are in a hurry to rob the U S Mint money train, but they will come back and take care of the Liles for interfering with their fun. Riding with the outlaws are two sets of local ranching brothers. The neighboring Lang brothers were not outlaws they just thought hanging a nigger would be fun. Is it too late for them to break away from this gang and run for home, before they get themselves mixed up in more murders and robbery?

While drinking in Tascosa, the Crawford brothers were talked into helping rustle their own father's cattle. They had made friends with the wrong men and when caught, their father told them never to return home, not ever or they would hang. After raping two women and killing five family members in the little village of Trujillo, the outlaw gang robs the train leaving a conductor dead and guard shot in the face. The cashier and one guard shot, left for dead.

Neighbors and brothers along with two village men take up the trail. Some want to save brothers from hanging while others want revenge for rape and murder. They now have help, as U S Marshal Shorty Thompson joins the chase right outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The outlaws pull off the robbery of the U S Denver Mint car without a hitch, even with Shorty and five U S Marshals riding on the same Rio Grande Express train. Law and angry men are already on the outlaws trail, the long chase for justice has begun.


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