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After the murder of his father in Cortez Colorado, young Lee J Robins loses his mother to a broken heart. The killers of his father had disappeared and not even the law knew where to look for them. Two long years passed before word came that the Blazedale gang was robbing banks in the New Mexico Territory, around Taos and Santa Fe. Now was the time for Lee J to find a trail.

Lee J leased out the farm and ranch to the Brown family before heading for New Mexico to look for the trail. He was in no hurry and no matter how long it takes, he will bring these men to justice. Not wanting to leave his little sister alone, he sent her away to school. He hoped one day he would be able to see her again, but often times had his doubts.

In the spring of 1882, after arriving in the small village of Albuquerque, Lee J got arrested and thrown into jail because he was wearing a gun. A small boy, Lorenzo Baca sees this happen and picks the locks of the jail, and sets him free. That is when he found out it was Emmett Blazedale's men that had locked him up. This gang of murdering skunks had taken over the small Village of Albuquerque. No way could he fight this large gang alone, but who could he trust getting help? He must bide his time and let no one know why he is here.

A month or so later Blazedale and his gang robbed the bank of Albuquerque and made off with over four hundred thousands dollars. Three hundred thousand of that belonged to Conrad Hilton and Fred Harvey. Now Lee J has the help he needs to go after the gang. Fred Sandoval, Deputy U S Marshal under Shorty Thompson, falls to the same fate as Lee J. Fred is arrested by Blazedale's men and slammed into the old town jail. Lee J, Lorenzo and the hostler from new town, rip the side off the jail and free him. Riding back to new town, they decide to wait for Shorty to show up before confronting the gang.

U S Marshal Shorty Thompson is on his way to Albuquerque. The gang is followed east then south, found and lost several times. With law hot on their trail, the remainder of the gang decides to split up and scatter.

Blazedale and the few men with him rob a gold mine office. They didn't need the money, it was just there and an easy job. Then they headed back for Colorado. Caught in Taos Canyon by Lee J and a posse, the gang hides the gold before all the outlaws were killed, except Blazedale and Homer. Lee J stays on the trail to Walsenburg, Colorado where he loses it again. Blazedale and Homer had boarded a train for Omaha and Saint Louis.

It is another long nine months before Blazedale and Homer come sneaking back to New Mexico to recover their hidden gold. Before they can grab all that gold and get away, Lee J is on his way to a birthday party and is on them like the rancid stink of their armpits. Now they will know the name of the little fellow that would never give up their trail. It is Lee J Robins, the boy Blazedale called THE LAST GUN IN TOWN.


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