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The Rio Grande runs right down the middle of the Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico Territory. This rich soil was easy to water and toil. Farmers raised all the food for themselves as well as grains and hay for animals.

The Jordan Textile Company found growing cotton in these southern valley’s was must better than the war torn southern states. Shipping cost to bring in cotton from Cuba and the islands was too great.

All that had to be done was hire killers and outlaws to burn these farmers out. Why pay good money and buy land when you can just kill off all the families?

Betty Sue Gains’ father was the first farmer killed. She went to the law, but Sheriff Brady Cole could not cross to the east side of the Rio Grande to bring those men to justice. She would have to do it, and this she would.

Fourteen year old Betty Sue visited an ex-law man Leslie Trousdale, so he might teach her all about using the forty-five she now worn on her right hip.

With this over, it was time for her to go after and kill every outlaw she could get in her sights. She had to be careful, if the outlaws found out who was knocking off their men, they might go after and do harm to the Carter family. This must not happen, it will not happen


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