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Twenty two year old Slim and twenty year old Mace Sanders rode in to White Oaks, New Mexico Territory in the year of 1882. They had been away for a good while, but were now back to stay.

As they rode up the street, Slim turned in his saddle, sitting on one hip. As he looked around he said, “You know Mace, White Oaks shor has growed some since we’s here.”

“Yeah, being as there wadn’t no White Oaks back then.”

“Wonder what made it start an’ grow like it has.”

“No idea but I’s only ten an’ you’s twelve when Ma took us to Texas. Ten years is a long time.

“We gonna stop, er go on out an’ see Grandpa an’ how much of the ranch house is left?”

“We’ll see Grandpa first then come back after awhile.”

They rode on east by southeast two miles.


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