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Janice McCord Rides Again

A gang of Texas outlaws kidnap U S Marshal Shorty Thompson, and is after his and Buffalo’s Wyoming gold.  Buffalo and his ranch foreman ride over two hundred miles to get little Janice McCord and her .45 to bring Shorty back alive.

The horseback ride from New Mexico to Wyoming is filled with gunfights and crooked town sheriffs.  Though Janice starts out two weeks behind, she catches sight of the gang in northern Colorado.  If not for her trackers Indian friends, they could have been ambushed several times.

Two Texas Rangers show up looking for the same gang, but the local law does not take too kindly to Rangers messing around in his town.  Late one night while the outlaws were getting drunk in a saloon, Shorty makes a run for it.  Early the next morning the outlaws grab Janice and Cloudy Dawn to take his place, as they leave their hotel room.

Dawn is turned loose to find Shorty and tell him to back off or Janice is dead.  Dawn strikes out on her own to free Janice and removes several outlaws from their saddles with an arrow or two.  The gang is in total panic, thinking they are about to be scalped.

When gold is found, greed takes over the minds of friend and foe alike.  A bunch more men are about to die.


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