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Janice McCord is fourteen years old, when the five Kraymon brothers ride in and shoot down her parents and twin brother Jack.  She takes up Jack’s name and her father’s .45 to blaze a trail of revenge across the Territory of New Mexico.

After out gunning one of the brothers in a saloon in
Silver City, New Mexico Territory, outlaw friends of his are hot on her trail. When they catch up to her on the side of a mountain, she leaves a few more dead.  Her fast shooting and sharp wit, turns a couple of them from lawlessness to helping her track down the killers of her family.  She’s in jail, arrested for the murders of her family before she writes her cousin, U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson for help. 

Help does arrive, but she still joins the outlaw gang that killed her family.  Now they are getting ready to pull off the largest robbery in the Territory’s history.  Over a million dollars in gold will be crossing Tecolote Creek on Saturday.  To make sure she is the one to get the killers of her family and the revenge she has sought for months, Janice may have to fight her three friends and her cousin Shorty, along with half the U.S. Cavalry.  It matters not, she has a set mind and will do what she has to do, or get killed trying.  This she promised her dead parents and twin brother Jack, she would be the one to get them all. Her revenge may not be swift, but definitely painful and final!



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