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Eighteen year old cowboy Cody Strickland lost his parents to an illness that he didn’t understand.  Saddened, confused and alone, he saddled up and rode north, stopping and working awhile, but bounced around from one location to another. He was free to come and go as he pleased. His new boss on the Double Bar X Ranch put his trust in Cody after only a couple of months. He was to go along on a cattle drive from northeast of Cheyenne, Wyoming all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The worst snows in history hit the Utah Mountains, so Cody had to lay over months before making his long trip back with the twenty-six thousand dollars of cattle money that he had collected.

Coming upon a wounded man, he could not leave him to die, alone. Patching him up and taking him home proved to be a bigger chore than anyone would expect. Outlaws and gold robbing thieves kidnap the rancher’s daughter and that sets Cody on a rescue mission that leads all over northern and western Colorado and southern Wyoming.

The very pretty daughter, two packhorses loaded with gold and with angry men on their trail, this little cowboy has to do some fancy shooting. Men should have been killed, but Cody let them live, now he and the girl are riding all out for the ranch. Cody knows how to muddy a trail, just ride in rivers, over mountains and keep doubling back. Never ride in a straight line too long. They make it to the ranch where they think there is safety.

Just how wrong can one little cowboy be? 




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