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Billy and Dale Coleman were twenty year old twin brothers, who married twin sisters; eighteen year old Billie and Bonnie McKinnon. These families owned neighboring ranches thirteen miles northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Beautiful meandering Walnut Creek was the boundary between these two properties.

These brothers and sisters were married on the same day. Billy Coleman to Billie McKinnon, and Bonnie McKinnon, to Dale Coleman. Billy and Billie would live with her parents on the McKinnon ranch while Dale and Bonnie would be living on the Coleman ranch.

Just over one short year later, tragedy struck. Billie and Bonnie’s father Harmon, was riding the northern high mountain meadows looking for stray cattle. Somehow he was thrown from his horse with his left foot getting hung in the stirrup. He was dragged to death and when found the horse was standing still, foot in the stirrup, body lying on the ground.

Two weeks later, the very same thing happened to John, Billy and Dale’s father. What was so strange, both these men were excellent horsemen. They were born and raised on ranches and rode and broke horses all of their young lives. Yes young, both were only forty five years old.


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