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Most folks, as they get older reminisce in the past of unfulfilled hopes, plans and dreams. Have you ever said yourself, or heard a few of your friends’ say, ‘before I die’?

In this story several different people say those famous words. A few get to see their dreams come true, others do not.

A young Pennsylvania doctor’s father wants his son to take his wife and go west, following his dreams. “Son, before I die…” His dream came true and they all went west to Trinidad, Colorado.

An outlaw with murder in his heart said, “Before I die I want…” It never came to past, as he was sentenced to hang before he could fulfill this murderous dream.

Then there is a local town sheriff that does his job of protecting the people of his town. “Before I die, I hope to see my town and county safe from robbers and killers. Why are some men so greedy they would kill for money?” Will his dream ever come true for Trinidad, Las Animas County, Colorado?

A judge sitting in his court room, before him sat killers, kidnappers and robbers. “Before I die I want to see…” His dream was well on the way of coming true.


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