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A Mother's Wrath

A young mother’s heart is most ripped from her body, as she holds her dying baby boy in her arms. Not three feet away lay her dead husband. She saw as two men saddled and stole Morris horses and a third gunned down two of the people she loved most.

When the posse came looking for the men, U S Marshal Shorty Thompson would not let her take up the trail after them. A woman’s place is in the home, not riding with a posse. That is all right, she would go alone. She knew how to ride a horse and use her guns as well as any man. Living on a ranch, her husband had taught her everything she needed to know about surviving years ago.

She had seen all three faces of the men, and the horses they stole had the Circle M brand. She would know them anywhere and those men she would find no matter how long it took.

When found they would face the wrath of her justice, not laws that put them into prison for a few years where they would have every chance to escape.

No, these men will know what real fear is as a mother’s wrath slowly, and very painfully destroys them. They would be looking forward to, begging for a quick trip to hell just to get away before she is through. Those men will suffer like no others before them.


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