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Jesse Owens was only nine years old when his family pulled up deep roots in their Tennessee Valley coalmining town, and headed west. Riding a borrowed horse, Jesse got to ride drag with the outriders. In Okalahoma Territory, he shot an outlaw in the back while saving one of his fellow outriders.

Outlaws kidnapped Jesse’s sister and two of the Stillwell girls in the Texas Panhandle, while the men of the wagon train were off wiping out a Comanchero camp.

Jesse and Delbert Fleming rode hard in pursuit of the kidnappers. They found the outlaw camp around mid-night and Jesse sneaked in and got the girls, running off the outlaw’s horses. Jesse was now a hero, at least in the eyes of his sister and all the girls in the wagon train.

Harley Anderson plotted his revenge on Jesse for him getting all the attention and always getting Harley into trouble. His time was coming, he’d show that Jesse Owens!

Once in Mogollon, New Mexico Territory, Jesse found his calling in life. It was to explore every inch of these beautiful mountains and valleys. During one of his many exploring trips, he finds stolen bank money stuffed way back in a cave. Being the boy he is he took it to the sheriff.

On another trip, Harley just had to go along and got his horse shot from under him. Jesse put him on his horse and told him to ride for the sheriff. After hours and Harley didn’t return, Jesse helps an injured gold ore guard upon an injured horse and took him to the doctor. When heading for home he found his horse tied to a fence and Harley playing ball with his friends. He had left Jesse out there on the trail to die.

Jesse found himself another cave to explore, but also found it was very close to an outlaw hideout. Spying on the outlaws, he sees the kidnapped schoolteacher among the outlaw women. He waited until Ms. Anderson went into the woods alone to do her morning duty before rescuing her. Then with help, he comes back after the outlaws and crooked Mogollon banker.

He is embarrassed when the town turns out for a Jesse Owens day. U S Marshal Shorty Thompson and all the people he had helped got up and gave speeches, praising him for his relentless pursuit of exploring. He really didn’t like all this attention, hugs and kisses from the girls and women he was getting. After all, he is not a little kid anymore, he is a growed man all of ten years old.


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