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William Colby is a retired lawman turned rancher. He became a Texas Ranger at the age of seventeen and had a good record. Twenty years later he retired from the rangers and took up a United States Marshal's badge. He traveled Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado catching outlaws. He turned in his badge at the age of fifty years, yes a very old man for his line of work. Outlaws knew of his fast gun and no nonsense manner. He was a lawman outlaws feared.

The beautiful Moreno Valley in northern New Mexico, Territory is now Colby's home. He has six sections of good valley grass land which reached across the Red River and far back into the steep mountain canyons on the west.

William sees a ragged, barefoot little boy walking the streets of Elizabethtown, asking for help for his sick mother and little sister. William takes a doctor to their half dugout home where there was no food. He buys food and the whole Smith family shoes and clothes. Seeing their need, he takes them to his ranch where they now have a home and all the food they want.

After an all night long poker game and heavy drinking, the Danby brothers went after the money they lost in that game. A hit on the head with a gun barrel turns into an unintended murder of a friend.

A fellow lawman and friend was killed and robbed of thirty five thousand dollars of William's money. With U.S. Marshal, Shorty Thompson's help, William seeks justice going after the two well respected rancher brothers that killed a good friend just for money.



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