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“I still say they won’t take Ted in no saloon.”

Shorty looked over at her, “Well you’ll darn shor have to go in one.”

“I will not! I’ve heard what goes on in them places.”

“Tillie Jane, you have seen those men, I haven’t. You say they wouldn’t take Ted in, well without him I shor wouldn’t know um.”

“Okay, but the first sucker that laughs at me I’ll shoot.”

“Why would they laugh at you?”

“Because I’ll probably be the most pretty red headed girl most of um’s ever seen.”

Shorty looked at her, as she looked at him and busted out laughing. “Got ya! I don’t know, maybe ‘cause I’m just a kid walkin’ into one of them places.

“You’ll only have to walk in the front door an’ quickly look around. Anyone seein’ you’ll think yer lookin’ fer yer pa. Now that won’t be so hard, will it?”

“Reckon not, ‘course to get Ted I’d most likely dance on the bar, smoke a cigarette an’ drink whiskey.” She broke into loud laughter. “Boy howdy I can just see that. Oh, you’ll not tell Mom an’ Daddy I went in no saloon, will ya?”

“No! You think I want to get shot!”


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