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U.S. Marshal M D (Shorty) Thompson’s oversized ranch partner Buffalo, talked Shorty into letting him come along on this assignment in west Texas.  James (Buffalo) Blackburn could be as stubborn as a sick mule about most everything.  President Hayes sent Shorty a wire that had to be delivered by the Butterfield Stage Lines, telling him to head for Tascosa and round up some rustlers and land grabbers.  A nagging feeling hit Buffalo to go along, not knowing this could lead them to the killers of his wife. Law or no law, nothing will stop Buffalo from beating them into a bloody pulp and ripping them apart limbs from body.  He had waited too long to get his hands on these two low life murdering polecats. 

The local Ranchers around Tascosa had waited long enough for the Texas Rangers to show up, and Washington didn’t seem to give a damn.  Now they would take the matter into their own hands.  Too much blood had been spilled in and around Tascosa and all of it theirs.  Friends and fellow ranchers were being shot down every day and their cattle and property taken over by the King.  Using their guns and every farmer and rancher in the Panhandle, things were about to change. King or no damn King, a lot of men were about to die!  Crooked law was about to be stopped.  A huge showdown was coming in Tascosa.

After being kidnapped and held for five months, Sherilea Bessemer escapes from the gang of outlaws.  The only thing that kept her alive was her thoughts of revenge.  She had a long time to think, and her choice of weapons will be one very sharp kitchen knife and one old wooden clothespin.



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