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April first, 1891, on the banks of the Cimarron River, just a two miles east of the newly built village of Kenton, Oklahoma, ten year old Zack Wood and his six year old sister Penny, lay on the grassy bank of the river.

They both watched as riders ran the family cows and horses from the corral then set fire to the barn. Penny, in her sweet scared voice said, “Zack, I sure hope they don’t burn the house. Both my dolls are in there.”

“Just don’t you move Penny, they’re lookin’ for us right now. Yeah, yonder comes one of um ridin’ this’a way.”

“Zack do just as daddy told you, take dead aim and shoot straight. You can do it Zack, I know you can.”

Across the river and out of sight, Harrison and Kate Pascoe were coming to play with their cousins Zack and Penny. They stood wide eyed with mouths open as those outlaws burned the Wood’s barn. Starting to turn and run back home, Harrison just happened to see Zack and Penny on that river bank. “Come on Kate we have to help um.”

Kate wide eyed said, “But Harrison, there’s so many of them.”

“Yeah but mine and Zack’s rifle hold fourteen bullets.”


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