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January 1st. 1886 Tom C Hall, Chief U.S. Marshal for the Territory of New Mexico appointed the first woman Deputy U.S. Marshal, twenty two year old Betty McCabe. Her job for the most part was to work under cover getting information on the Territorial Senator, Samuel Drake and Armand Roybal, the largest banker in the New Mexico Territory.

Old Spanish land grant deeds were now in the Senator’s and Roybal family names. The families of those land grants were either dead or so scared they wouldn’t talk to the law.

For most of a year in an unknown location, several of the very best marshals trained Betty McCabe. Some of those taught her how to use her fist, knee or even a head butt. One of those was U.S. Marshal M D (Shorty) Thompson, who taught her how to use firearms. When her training was complete, she was sharp eyed with a rifle and few men could come close to her speed and accuracy with a forty five.

The undercover name she was given was Connie Blake. The glasses she wore were just clear glass, but she sure was cute. Shorty took her by the hand while looking into those beautiful green eyes. “Betty…”

“It’s Connie, remember?”

“You know what yer up against, killers and thieves. Take no chances, if need be kill them before they can kill you.”

Betty stepped into the stage coach with Shorty saying, “Janice and I will see you in Santa Fe the thirtieth or thirty first. Winston has yore room at the La Fonda Hotel.”









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