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Early spring in the year 1885, near Chama, New Mexico Territory, Anetia ‘Tiny’ Thompson Pascoe and her husband Joel, were just about to have a house full of kids again. What a blessed good time they would have with grandkids, nieces and nephews.

Tiny’s brother William Thompson, and sister-in-law Amy had received a letter stating they must go to China to bring Amy’s aging parents, father, Fuxing Zhang and mother, Deqin Guo to America.

Tiny and Joel were asked to watch her nieces, Vivian and Samantha for up to six months, until William and Amy returned from China.

That wouldn’t have been too much, but a month later their youngest son Casey, who was in the Cavalry, was sent to Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Casey took his wife Amanda along with him, leaving their son Harrison with grandma and grandpa. It would only be for a couple of months, just until they got settled in. That would be great, as Harrison would have someone to play with, even though they were a couple of girls.

Two weeks later their other son Travis, took his wife Quinn and went to Denver, Colorado on a business trip, leaving their son Marshall behind. Marshall was ten years old, the same age as Vivian and loved visiting his grandparent’s farm and his cousins.
Instead of no children under foot in years, Tiny now had four, running, squealing, laughing, screaming, young hellions to keep out of trouble.

Tiny stood, watching those kids play and asked Joel, “Are we blessed or what? Lord, please give us strength.”

Joel laughed, “You might be blessed and need strength, I have a farm to run.”



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