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Ride Hard For Rayado

Shorty had just left the Texas Panhandle and is now in north central, New Mexico Territory with a beautiful young nun dying in his arms.  With her beautiful green eyes trying to focus on his face, in a mumbling, bubbling voice she whispered, “Get Father McClanahan!  Please, oh God please get Father McClanahan!”

Being just about five and a half feet tall and weighing around one-forty is not in Shorty's favor when he runs into Little Buck Kilgore who stands over six feet tall and hits the scales at about two-seventy. This was one big, dumb bully.  Is he the murderer of Sister Anna?  More than one person wants him hung for it.  This is going to be hard to prove one way or the other.  Shorty needs proof as to who killed her, real hard proof before the wrong man is strung up.

Shorty grimaced at the sight of Little Buck, "Why in the hell do they call him 'Little Buck?'  Matter of fact, why do they call him little anything?  He’s bigger than the side of a damn mountain and I do mean a big mountain!"


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