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“Now no trouble Mark, they’s too many Mexkins in here fer us to handle.”

“Naw, no trouble. Let’s sit at that close table right up front there where she’ll have to notice me.”

Christina saw them at once and the look on their faces. She made sure to dance wide of that table. Though it was still early evening, her castanets stopped clicking as she scooped up that hat with her money and started to run by that table. Mark reached and grabbed a wrist. Jerking her into his lap, he kissed her right on the lips. She jerked back fighting to stand. Dropping the hat she started slapping his face hard with both hands first one side then the other.

Mark drew back his hand to slap her and over a dozen guns were pointed his way, all cocked. “Gringo don you do that! No one touches our Christina an’ lives. You will now leave! Permiso! Do not return it would be very bad you do.”

Jack caught Mark by his arm, “Come on Mark, this ain’t none too good.”

Smiling, Mark wiped blood from his mouth with the back of his hand. That little gal swung a mean blow. “Oh I’ll be back alright!”



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