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Molly Madison arrived in Denver, Colorado by train. It was a beautiful spring day as she stepped to the platform with an umbrella in her left hand. She slowly walked over to the window where a clerk was on the telegraph tapping away.

“Excuse me Sir.”

“One moment Ma’am.” He returned to the key. A few seconds later he looked up at this very beautiful woman and smiled, “Now, how may I be of service?”

“Can you tell me when the next train will be going up to Idaho Springs? I must get to Black Hawk as soon as possible.”

“Well Ma’am it seems as they have had a small rock slide up Gregory Gulch, but the train to Idaho Springs will be pulling out within the hour. From there to Central City and Black Hawk you would have to hire a buggy. Uh will you be staying long?”

She smiled, “I will if things work out the way I have planned.”  She walked over and sat on a bench.

He stood looking out the window then walked out a door.

“Ma’am, the train to Idaho Springs will be leaving from those tracks right over there. I will carry your bags if you will allow.”









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