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U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson walked into the Colorado State Prison in Canon City, Colorado with Gus Bassett in handcuffs. After papers were shown, the warden walked with him as they walked down to six holding cells.

“Marshal, you have just brought in the most dangerous man ever brought here. I know you had a tough job and I am grateful he is now under lock and key, guarded for the rest of his life.”

As Gus was shoved in a cell, in the next one was a handsome young boy. As Shorty glanced at him the boy said, “Howdy Marshal Shorty.”

“Howdy there, do I know you?”

“Yes Sir, I am Bobby Skelton, Bob Skelton’s boy. We met over in Glenwood Springs years back.”

“What in the world are you doing in here?”

“A crooked judge and jury found me guilty of killing my mom and dad. You know it isn’t true Marshal Shorty. You know that for fact. No matter what that judge said, he said justice has been served. I say there is no justice, at least not for the innocent.”

“Well now let’s just up an’ see if we can’t change that. How long have you been in here?”

“Five long years.”

“What? How old are you now?”


“You mean you were sent to prison at the age of twelve!”

“Yes Sir. If I’d been fifteen they’d hung me.”




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