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March 15th. 1880 Ms. Vicki and her husband John stepped from the train in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As Ms. Vicki waited for their luggage to be unloaded, John was back watching their wagon slowly being rolled down the ramp. Next four horses and two milk cows were walked from two box cars. Last were two chicken coops with forty eight laying hens and five roosters, they were placed in the wagon.

One at a time John walked the horses over to the wagon, bridled and put on harnesses. When all four horses were ready, he hitched them to the wagon. The cows, with halters and rope were tied to the back of the wagon. He drove over and picked up their luggage and helped Ms. Vicki upon the wagon seat.

As John flipped the reins along the horse’s backs he said, “Just look at all those children hanging around the train station in the middle of the day. This is mid week I sure wonder why they’re not in school.”

“You could ask John, it could be for any reason.”

“Vicki you will love the Wagner Farm I bought and the view of the Rio Grande Valley is something to see. Lady, you and I are now farmers.”

“Being a school teacher for so many years, this will be a huge change for the both of us.”

After buying groceries, they headed three miles northeast up on the east mesa to their new home.









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