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Eighty one year old Lamont (Monty) Long sat by his granddaughter’s side patting her left hand. “Now you just get better Wendy, Grandpa will find your babies.”

“But grandpa…”

“Now, now, has yore grandpa ever let you down?”

“No, but they have already been gone three days.”

“Sweetheart yore grandpa has tracked more men over the years than a bookkeeper could count. Yore mother will be over to watch after you until I get back. I already have my rifles, pistols and knives cleaned and primed."

“My packsaddle is ready with everything I’ll need. My horse is young and strong and Molly girl my pack mule is chomping at the bits ready to be loaded.”

“Grandpa there are six of them, you are alone.”

“Yes and after awhile there will be five then four then three. When I get them down to one I’ll get yore babies.”







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