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Fourteen year old Sonny Henderson was headed toward the barns with three milk cows in front of the horse. He stepped from the saddle and opened the gate then remounted. Swinging his rope and hollering, the cattle moved on toward the lot beside the barn. Just as they came around a bend in the river, two shots were heard coming from toward the house. He left the cattle and kicked his horse into a run. Well before he got there, he saw six men on horses, guns in hand and his father lying on the ground.

He slid his horse to a stop running to his dad. His dad was alive, barely. “Dad, Dad!” With tears in his eyes he looked up. “Why did you shoot my dad?”

“Heard he has ah whole stash ah money gettin’ ready to pay off his mortgage, I want it.”

“Well I don’t guess you’ll get it, now will you?”

“I also heard your mama was sickly an’ in bed. You get in there an’ bring me that money er I’ll walk in there an’ blow yore mama’s head clean off! Move Boy, I don’t got all day!”

Sonny stood, studying every face then turned for the house. His little ten year old sister Betsy was in the bedroom with his mother, he could hear her crying. He reached to the top shelf of the cabinet taking down a number ten can. Reaching inside he got all the money and walked back out.

Handing it to the man that had talked he said, “There Mister, that’s all of it.”

“Good boy, now I don’t have to shoot you er yore ma.”

Sonny looked straight at him. “Mark my words, Mister I’ll see you dead.”

“Yeah kid I believe you.” They all laughed and rode off as Sonny half carried, helping his dad inside and to a bed.









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