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Betty June Manahan was by far the prettiest girl in school, with long golden curls and a beautiful smile showing even white teeth. She was the envy of the other seven girls, as every day she wore a different beautiful dress. Of the five boys, all in their teens that attended this small high school, at least three of them vide for the seat next to Betty June at the lunch table, or on the play ground at break time. Jimmy Candles most times won out,

Questa, New Mexico is a small farming and ranch town where everyone knew everyone and who did what in school. Thelma Lou Simpson wasn’t nigh as pretty as most of the other girls but was well liked for her smart, good humor. Now she wasn’t what you would call ugly, just plain with straight brown hair and sparkling eyes. She most times sat alone drawing or writing poems.

Today she started her poem, LOVE IS ONE SHADOW AWAY. While she was sitting there, Nancy Bartlett took a peek, grabbed the poem and ran around the school yard reading it aloud. “Do you believe this? Love for Thelma Lou? What will she write next?”






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