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Ronnie Cox slowly saddled his horse, stowing all of his traveling gear and tying it tight. Walking to the main house, he knocked on the door. Jack Johnson opened it with a smile. “Come on in Ron.”

Ron stood with hat in hand, “Mister Johnson, I’s needing to draw my pay, as I’ll be taking up the trail after a bit.”

“Trail, why’s that?”

“I’d like to travel a bit, being as Bobby ain’t around no more. Just don’t seem right without him.”

“I can understand that.” Jack went inside and came back with three month’s pay. “Now Ron, you’ve always made me a good hand. You come back any time yer wanting to, yer always welcome here. Where will yore trail lead?”

“Nowhere.” He mounted and rode out to the grave yard to tell Bobby goodbye.

This friend, as close as any brother was killed in a card game, and wasn’t even wearing a gun. Other than his parents, Ron missed Bobby more than anyone else.

Little did he know, this trail to nowhere was going to lead to a whole lot of trouble and he was going to slowly ride that way.


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