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Killers and Outlaws

When the Sadler twins okayed Billy Vivian sending for U S Marshal Shorty Thompson for help, Shorty thought he just needed to meet up with the twins.  Together they’d hunt down and find their paint mares, and at the same time catch a couple family killing horse thieves.  Now this case was turning into everything but simple.  Bank robbers and rustlers is what he ran into.  The Double Bar outlaw outfit from Montana was down in Colorado on a horse stealing, cattle rustling spree.  They wanted the Sadler’s paint horses.

Gunfighter Clay Allison also takes up the trail, helping the twins.  The Munson brothers were back shooting cowards and Clay would see them dead for killing his friends, the Sadler twin’s parents.  With a fifty caliber Spencer and a high-powered scope, Clay removes a couple of fellows that want to daylight Shorty.

They work with the twins and start a stampede that scatters the rustler’s stolen cattle.  A big local rancher set upon a family of free rangers, stealing their herd and trying to kill the whole family.  At least that’s what was thought until Shorty gets tied up in the whole mess.

The outlaws run for their hideout in Montana, after kidnapping the wife of the accused rancher.  Shorty and Clay are hot on their trail.


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