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Glenwood, Hopper Scranton was U.S. Marshal in the Arizona Territory. He and two other marshals rode from Mexico to Utah, New Mexico to California and Nevada.

When help was needed, most times Hopper sent for the New Mexico U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson.

Hopper had just closed a case in Wilcox when he got word to head for headquarters in Tucson. This fifty mile or so trip in well over a hundred degree weather was hard on both man and horse. Riding slow he made it to Benson and spent the night, then out before sunup.

That afternoon he rode into Tucson dead tired and sun burned. He stopped by the office even before taking care of his horse. “Howdy Captain.”

“Hopper, glad you made it as soon as you did, read this.”

“Need help as soon as possible. Thirty six young boys and ten girls are missing from within forty mile radius of Globe Arizona. They started missing as long as two months ago. The last two disappeared one week ago yesterday. That was my fifteen year old son and a sixteen year old neighbor girl.

Signed; Sheriff Donald Tucker, Globe Arizona.

“I’ll ride out tomorrow. Right now my horse gets took care of then me. We’re both hungry and tired.”









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