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March 19, 1886, nine U.S. Marshals from New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Arizona were summoned to the Nevada State Prison in Carson City, Nevada.

Two weeks before, twenty four of the most brutal, ruthless, murdering criminals that ever existed killed seven guards and kidnapped the warden’s wife. Every available man had exhausted every avenue trying to locate them and bring the woman back alive. To the man they failed, so the governor, at the warden’s insistence had no choice but send for U.S. Marshals.

Shorty Thompson from New Mexico, Hopper Scranton from Arizona, Billy Hart, James Kilmer, Bob Betterton and Roy Denton from Texas. Then there was Larry and Jimmy Colman, along with Ron Hubbell from Colorado.

These were the best of the best to track down those men and free Mrs. Sewell. The governor and warden stood looking over these men. “I see every man brought his own gear and horses. If there is anything else you will need, just ask. I know almost two weeks have past, and you are our last hope. Please, if my wife is alive bring her back to me.”

The governor said, “We believe those men had outside help, as they had weapons and took more from the prison supply. Every horse except twenty two was also taken. I wish you men luck and may you return safely.”





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