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Brothers of the West

Brothers in the old west were as different as brothers are today. Ranch and farm families had beautiful daughters and healthy, hard working sons. If one brother turned bad, most often one or more followed in those same footsteps. While most young men in the west were very hard-working honest boys, seldom were their deeds of leadership, compassion and caring for others ever heard of. Their families and neighbors were the grateful ones for having known such boys.

The few bad ones robbed and killed their way into our history books. Yes, history was quick to point out the bad, but their fame was most often short-lived as the majority died by violence.

It was very rare when one of those boys listened and could be jerked back from the jaws of hell and saved from his headlong, reckless ride down the trail of self-destruction. The boy that reaches out to save another is a friend and neighbor.

Donnie and Rusty Stone are two brothers that want justice for a murdered neighbor. They take up the trail with the help of U S Marshal Shorty Thompson, and ride into more danger than either dreamed could ever exist. Things really go bad when Donnie is kidnapped, then sentenced to die by the hands of outlaw brothers who have everything to lose if he lives. They will see this does not happen. The robbery of the Butterfly gold shipment has been planned for much too long to let some snot-nosed kid mess it up.

Word is out that the gold from the Butterfly mine is richest in the country, and these men were going to have it even if it cost the life of a friend, brother or anyone else thought in the way. Gold to these men is more important than life it’s self, as long as it is someone else’s life.


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