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Fourteen year old twins Billy Dean and Billie Jean Randal were the only two people left alive when a gang of twelve men hit the two family covered wagons. They were camped just off the old El Camino Real, right on the Rio Grande.

Dean and Jean Randal had bought the huge Eduardo Salazar farm and ranch just a few short miles from Dona Anna, New Mexico. They made it this far, all this long way from just south of Albuquerque when bandito’s hit.

After camp was set up for the night, Billy and Billie went down to the river hoping to catch a batch of fish. They heard the gunfire and started running from the trees into open ground when Billy saw how many men there was. He grabbed Billie and slammed her to the ground, holding his hand over her mouth to stop the screams.

“Don’t touch that forty five, just get a look at their horses and faces! There is nothing we can do I see mama and daddy lying on the ground. Remember those faces Billie Jean every one of them.”

An hour later they were on their knees beside their parents, crying. “Whatever will we do without them Billy?”

“You’ll see, let’s load them in the back wagon and bury them on the farm when we get there tomorrow.”




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