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When U.S. Marshal M D (Shorty) Thompson, rides upon a young fellow and two horses lying dead in a dry arroyo, he could only guess what they had gotten themselves into. To his surprise the young man wasn’t dead, but was incoherent and unable to tell what happened.

Shorty sees small footprints leading out of the arroyo and into the badlands of northwestern New Mexico. “Was she hurt?” No answer from the boy certainly didn’t help. Should he get Ronald into the shade and make him comfortable, then go tracking? “I track her Ronald dies, I don’t she dies.”

After a long drink of water, the young man mumbled, ‘Margret, black pearls, blue diamonds.’ Shorty gave him more water, “What about Margret, a black pearl and blue diamond?” Again no answer, he had passed out again.

Shorty looked north into the badlands. “Well Ronald, I know that’s Margret out there, and I’d say she’s in about as much trouble as you are. Not knowing this country, water’s hard to find and I’d say she has no idea where she’s going.”



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