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Bartie (Bar-tee) Longshore was by far the cutest girl in the whole school. She was red headed weighing around ninety pounds and right at five feet tall with a very pretty smile. Her mother Sarah was the teacher and her father Oscar ran the mercantile in Clarendon Texas. A cowboy named Max Donner just knew she was his girl though Bartie would have nothing to do with him. She had only danced with him one time and that winded up in a fight between Max and Danny Bishop who was from Amarillo, and was the banker’s son.

Danny was pistol whipped by Max and two of his friends and had to be taken forty miles home and to a doctor in Amarillo. The sheriff arrested Max and his friends but they broke jail two days later and hadn’t been seen since.

Two years and four months later Bartie married Danny and they moved into a small house just a few blocks from the bank in northwest Amarillo. Danny worked for his father in that bank. When Danny was shot and the bank robbed, all hell broke loose and Bartie was arrested and jailed.









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