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Fifteen year old William (Will) Ross was now all alone. His mother had died seven years ago and his father was murdered. Shot down from behind in cold blood four months ago. Sure he still had the small ranch, but what could a small young boy do all alone?

His favorite horse was Molly girl and that horse followed him around like a puppy dog. Very late in the evening, just before dark, he was in town buying a few supplies. The gun on his hip was almost too heavy for him to hold up straight and aim, but he managed.

A young man was walking down the sidewalk coming toward him. Another man stepped from an alley, gun in hand. At the same instant he fired that gun, a second shot making them sound as one took his life. Here Will was looking at two dead men, but he had only heard one shot.

Another man wearing dark clothing with gun in hand quickly walked from the darkness taking something from the farthest dead men’s pockets. Before he could get to the next man, people were shouting, asking where the gunfire came from. He rushed between buildings disappearing out of sight. Will strained his eyes in the dark of night. “Good Lord! I know that man! That’s Mister…”

The man lying in front of him moved, trying to rise. Will went back for Molly girl and came back helping the man into the saddle and climbed on behind. He turned off the street and headed for home.





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