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Sam and Art Goodman married sisters, Sally and Frances Hollister. From Higginsville Missouri it took just over three and a half months getting to this beautiful Animas Valley in southwestern Colorado.

Sam was twenty four, Art twenty one and Sally twenty and Fran was nineteen years old. They came in two covered wagons, one pulling along four young milk cows the other pulled four very nice young saddle horses.

Each wagon was pulled by four strong work horses that when settled in their new homes would pull plows.

Sam and Art’s father had been to this valley two years ago and had lucked out getting twelve hundred and eighty acres for each of his boys. All the papers had to be changed and at last were approved by the Territory of Colorado.

As they got to the Animas River and turned north, here sat a new bustling town. Sam said, “We missed it, we’re in the wrong valley.”

Art looked at their map, “No this is it somebody just went and built a town.

Our property is still a few miles on north up the river. Would you look at the size of that sawmill?”

They went on and found it. The properties were across the Animas River from each other. Sam and Art, looking at Territorial maps pulled the wagons to a stop in a breath taking location.

Fran said, “Would you look at that cabin!”









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