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Nineteen year old Jack Kendrick made sure his twelve year old brother Ethan and ten year Mary Jane had plenty to eat. He saddled two horses and threw a packsaddle on another one, telling them he would be back in five days, six at the most.

When he reached town he got his supplies and paid with some of that bright yellow gold dust. The grocer’s eyes were huge and very greedy. “Where did you get this boy?”

Jack just looked at him then took those supplies and tied that heavy sack on the packsaddle. He walked back in saying he needed two boxes of .44’s and two of 45’s and again paid with gold dust.

“The gold Son, good Lord where’d you get it?”

He never answered, just went out and mounted and leading those horses almost out of town to the school house. Walking in, there stood a very pretty young lady. “Howdy Ma’am, are you the school teacher? Are you married er got any kids?”

“My goodness no, why would you ask that?”

“Good, grab one book of each kind, yer comin’ with me.”

“I most certainly am not!”

“This forty five says you are. Now write out a note sayin’ yer alright and will be back one of these days.”

“You’d kidnap for an education!”

He blindfolded her saying, “If you take off that blindfold I’ll tie yore hands where you can’t.”









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